Where We Fish

Brown Dog Fishing Co. holds licenses to fish for several species off the
north west coast of Western Australia.

Where We Fish

One of a small number of licensed professional fishing companies in the region, Brown Dog Fishing Co. operates in fishing grounds across a vast area of the North West of Australia covering many thousands of kilometres. Our vessels and their crews range between Exmouth, at North West Cape on the WA Pilbara coast, all the way to Darwin in the Northern Territory. That’s a straight line distance of almost 2000 kilometres – and we never travel in straight lines.

The area is under the management of the Department of Fisheries Western Australia, which utilises a range of controls such as limited entry to certain areas, permanent and seasonal area closures, temporary general closures and Total Allowable Catch limits based on advanced mathematical, statistical and computer modelling. And that’s at a state level! We must also meet the requirements of our commonwealth Environment protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 before we are permitted to fish.

All this means you can be assured that the fish we catch for you today will still be there tomorrow. This isn’t just your future, it’s also our future.

For those who love calculus, see the stock assessment models for our fisheries at the Department of Fisheries WA website.

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