About Us

Brown Dog Fishing Co. has been supplying quality trap-caught fish to the Australian wholesale market under the Directorship of owner Doug Gibson since 1994.


Brown Dog Fishing Co. has been operating as a family business since 1994.

Today the company owns catching permits and operates vessels in two of Australia’s premier fisheries, the Western Australian Pilbara Demersal scalefish fishery and in the Northern Demersal Scalefish Fishery Both Fisheries operate in the pristine and remote offshore waters of our Pilbara and Kimberley regions. Brown Dog has over time become Australia’ leading trap fishing operator and is the largest producer of Red Emperor in Australia.

The companies vessels Alcyone II and Ashburton Road, will each year land up to 700 tonnes of fresh chilled fish under a team of four experienced skippers. With vessels spending over 250 days at sea each year. Our skippers and crew pride themselves on providing a year round regular supply of quality fresh fish to our customers.

Doug Gibson, Managing Director, Brown Dog Fishing Co.