Who We Supply

A network of customers in every state who rely on us for consistent quality,
continuity of supply and value.


North West Australian fish are in demand across Australia for their taste, versatility and quality. Brown Dog Fishing Co. has built a network of customers who rely on us for consistent quality, continuity of supply and value. Many of our customers have been with us for decades and we are proud of our ability to keep them and their customers satisfied.

Some of our major clients include:

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Over the years we’ve gathered some pretty impressive accolades from our customers. Here’s what just a few of them have had to say:

From Peter Manifis
Incontro, South Perth

‘I’ve known and trusted Brown Dog Fishing Co. for 10 years. Their fish are handled with care and in a manner that makes me proud to serve on my menu. Not only does their fish last longer than most other trap-caught product it’s the fish handling from the moment the trap gets set in the water that is second to none. Also knowing that fish are ‘ikijimed’ the moment they arrive on deck and then cooled in ice slurries before being transported in 2 degree refrigeration guarantees the product extra shelf life and consistent eating properties.’

‘Brown Dog’s six day fishing trips also make life easy when I’m ordering – knowing that I can get their fish week in and week out that gives my restaurant the edge over my competitors.
I would recommend Brown Dog to anyone that has an eye for fresh, well handled, local Western Australian fish!’


From Louis Lynch, Seafresh group of companies.

‘Seafresh Innaloo has been retailing fresh fish and seafood in Perth since 1985, giving us over 30 years experience buying and selling fresh West Australian fish and seafood. 

Over this period, you develop an intimate knowledge of all professional fishermen within the industry and the quality of their product. The fishing industry in WA is a multi-levelled sector with regard to quality.

Doug Gibson from “Brown Dog” is at the top of this level, without peer.

This is a particularly outstanding achievement, given the logistics required in catching fish in the Pilbara and Kimberly regions and delivering it to Perth in peak condition and optimal freshness. The detailed controls and procedures Doug has instituted ensure that his company consistently delivers fish in impeccable condition.

Doug has perfected the process because of his passion for quality, and his dedication to not just catching fish, but delivering his product in the same prime condition as when it was landed, from boat to store.’